eva-maria karbacher | saxophone
christian moser | oud

free improvisation

w/alfred zimmerlin:


The duo, Umiak, was founded in 2019 in Basel.  Its two musicians began working together during their Master’s Studies of free improvisation. They soon developed a common musical identity. Astute interaction and a conscious sensitivity for sound characterises their music. Textural playing and the homogeneity of their material is a central aspect of their music, along with their pursuit of breaks, absurdities and the embracing of the “inappropriate”. Coherent interplay, here, stands equal to the conciseness of individuality. Rather than deliberately avoiding creative means, the duo prefers to integrate motivistic and rhythmic thinking, interaction, emotionality, structural thinking, the use of traditional sounds and melodies in a new context.
Umiak regularly collaborate with the dancers Gianna Grünig, Laura Imperiali, Louise Hakim, Eleonora Musella, Maya Carroll and Bettina Neuhaus.

Everything moves continuously. Immobility does not exist. Umiak is not subject to the influence of out-of-date concepts and does not try to resist changeability. Umiak is in the moment - in the now - driven by a desire for sublimity, for a relationship, for a free expression of direct emotions. This remarkable duo create sounds whose reality is self-evident, free from the obstacles of habit, associations, limitation and imitation.