The story of UMIAK began in 2019, when Eva-Maria Karbacher  and Christian Moser began exploring sounds together. In 2021, they invited cellist Alfred Zimmerlin to join the band for performances that included a dance project - a move that all three embraced, solidifying UMIAK as a trio. They have since become a "working band", improvising delicate chamber music during concerts.

The trio's playing is characterised by attentive interaction and a heightened sensitivity to sound shaping. In UMIAK's music, texture-oriented interplay and the homogeneity of sonic elements find their place alongside the allowance of ruptures, absurdities and the poignancy of individuality.

The three musicians transcend their diverse musical backgrounds and experiences to create a distinctive collective sound that they reinvent with each performance.


eva-maria karbacher | saxophone
alfred zimmerlin | cello
christian moser | oud

free improvisation