umiak & triune heart, music and dance, instant compositio, performed 2021/22 in Bern, Luzern, Basel, Poschiavo

eva-maria karbacher - saxophone, alfred zimmerlin - cello, christian moser - oud
gianna grünig, maya carroll, bettina neuhaus - dance
aurora rodriguez - light, federico polucci - costumes

a 60 minutes ︎︎︎drone for orbital garden bern, 2021

︎︎︎love will come later
movie by julia furer, 2021
music by moritz widrig, performed by christian moser, a.o.
︎︎︎audiosample - market

movie by jonas schafter, 2020
music by thomas jeker,
performed by christian moser, thomas jeker

︎︎︎the song of mary blane
movie by bruno moll, 2019
music by christian moser, thomas jeker, boris klecic

︎︎︎la troisième langue
movie by benno hungerbühler, 2016
music by christian moser, thomas jeker,  claudio puntin

you are variations, 2012-2016

a resarch series on tree ecosystems as live audio-video environments, by ︎︎︎christina della giustina