Christian Moser (1980) is an oud  player and improviser. His particular interests concern the cultivation of musical mindsets that go beyond the dualism of tradition / presence, being / becoming, immanence / transcendence. With a curious attitude, he searches for multiplicities and simultaneities in culture, aesthetics and expression. He is working with the creative power of difference without representing a genre, principle or archetype.

In his youth he studied the violin. At the age of 18 he discovered the oud and after a few years of taking private lessons in Switzerland and Germany he went to live in Istanbul. Between 2005-2010 he studied Turkish Music at the I.T.Ü. Conservatory with Abdi Coşkun, Mutlu Torun and Mehmet Bitmez. In 2020 he graduated with a Master of Arts in specialized performance / free improvisation. His mentors were Alfred Zimmerlin and Fred Frith.

Christian Moser lives and works in Basel, plays in various ensembles throughout Europe, composes music for film and dance and curates concert series for experimental music (FIM Basel). He has received several awards and residencies. In addition to his solo programme he is currently working on several projects, including UMIAK (Alfred Zimmerlin, Eva-Maria Karbacher), Grüm (Thomas Rohrer, Lara Süss, Jacek Chmiel), Sere Serpe (Gizem Simsek, Lucio Morelli) and Minimal Atmos Oud Bass Duo (Thomas Jeker).

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“i see the oud as an object that can be attended to, attuned to, in different ways that bring out strange hidden properties, that reveal something about the wood and the curvature of that instrument. I`d like to attend its inner structure, allowing myself to be taken over by it, bringing in perception what was imperceptible.”