daniel roser: piano
gustan asselbergs: drums
christian moser: oud

bandcamp release, april 2024

zeroes on the loose


jacek chmiel: electronics, zither
lara süss: voice, sampler
thomas roher: rabeca, saxophone, objects
christian moser: çümbüş, electronics

released by antenna non grata, september 2022

the possibility of the landscape


robin michel: modular synthesizer, electronics
christian moser: çümbüş, electronics

self-released in september 2022 

klangbox I


thomas jeker | e-bass, electronics
christian moser | oud, electronics

released by Feral Note, Berlin, september 2021
limited edition of 100 cassette tapes
artwork by jemma woolmore

spirited sketches

oud solo

self-released in january 2021  
limited edition of 100 CD`s
artwork by christian lichtenberg, letterpress on cottonpaper


moser / monchocé

sylvain monchocé | gayageum, saxophone, bass-flute
christian moser | oud, objects

digital self-release, march 2021


the tongue is an eye

paula sanchez |  cello, objects
christian moser | oud, objects

CD released by creativesources records, Portugal, december 2020

The second album from the duo of cellist Paula Sanchez and oud player Christian Moser, a "restless hodgepodges of tensile agitation, percussive clatter, and nocturnal claustrophobia, with both Moser and Sanchez contributing conventional instruments abused with extended techniques (oud and cello, respectively) as well as objects and found ephemera."