minimal atmos oud bass duo

thomas jeker | e-bass, electronics
christian moser | oud, electronics

orient ambient soundscapes


Pre-composed structures - equally inspired by Arabic talismanic magic, Brian Eno, Alva Noto or Gilles Deleuze - are arranged in an improvisational manner, in real time, into an ambiguous music. Long drone-like arcs, abstract microtonal melodies and subtle rhythmic motifs evoke a scope for experimentation, which is explored by the duo using their great sensitivity to sound. Jeker/Moser create an imaginary space, where contrasts are suspended in a fine balance and in constant tension: dramaturgy/improvisation, acoustic/digital, intuition/precision, appeal and reverberation. 

The duo has been working together since 2016. In various residencies (Berlin, Solothurn, Thun) they developed their very own musical communication and sense for form. In addition to concerts (including Orbital Garden Bern CH, Nova Synagoga Zilia SVK, Art Cafe Banska Stiavnica SVK, Kulturspinnerei Bern CH, S11 Solothurn CH) they have created music for films (La Troisième Langue by Benno Hungerbühler, The Song of Mary Blane by Bruno Moll, Arada by Jonas Schafter), worked with live visuals by the artist Christian Lichtenberg, or invited guest musicians (David Schnee - viola, Claudio Puntin - clarinets).

In September 2021, 4 pieces by Jeker/Moser have been released on the Berlin label Feral Note (Klangbox, limited cassette tape edition).