“An inhabitable space, a tactile experience of energy, mystery, presence and contemplation, embodied in listening, curiosity, momentum, exploration and reflection, a spatial vibration of radiant patterns, pulses, tremors, velvet and gut, decay, afterglow, silence.”

Jeker and Moser interweave elements of colour, melody and texture into a compelling musical expression inspired by Arabic talismanic magic and electronic music.

Experimental by nature, the duo explores improvisatory gestures using long arcs of tension and release to create an enigmatic sound. Moving through minimal interaction, microtonal and subtle rhythmic shifts, the music of the duo evokes a space of suspended contrasts, where intuition and finely tuned details resonate in a deep immersive realm, reverberating sonic energies of light and darkness.

The duo has been working together since 2016 and attended various residencies in Berlin, Solothurn, and Thun, played at venues like Orbital Garden Bern CH, Galerie Zora Auguste Berlin DE, Nova Synagoga Zilina SVK, Art Cafe Banska Stiavnica SVK, Krypta Elisabethen Basel CH, S11 Solothurn CH among others. In addition to concerts they have created music for several films, worked with live visuals by the artist Christian Lichtenberg, or invited guest musicians (David Schnee - viola, Claudio Puntin - clarinets, a.o.).

minimal atmos oud bass duo

thomas jeker | e-bass, electronics
christian moser | oud, electronics

ambient soundscapes