The duo uses a repertoire of selected sounds and noises. Beats and layers evoke a virtual acoustic space; in it reduced sound objects, fragile or harsh glitches and the primed banjo interact with the dense, expansive sound body of the modular synthesizer.
The collaboration began in December 2021, inspired by a shared interest in improvisation, research and composing using sounds both from the electronic and acoustic realms. Two different musical and artistic backgrounds (Robin Michel: Fine Arts, Audio Design, Christian Moser: Turkish Music, Free Improvisation) result in a broad range of expression and reflection. One main emphasis of the music, of playing together, focuses on the macro and micro management of temporality; Long and quiet arcs emerge from this area of suspense, which contrast with modulated, atomic sound particles.


robin michel: modular synthesizer, electronics
christian moser: cümbüş, electronics

electro-acoustic improvisations