umiak & triune heart

music and dance,
instant composition

eva-maria karbacher | saxophone
alfred zimmerlin | cello
christian moser | oud

gianna grünig | dance
maya carroll | dance
bettina neuhaus | dance

aurora rodriguez | light
federico polucci | costumes
Umiak & Triune Heart is a collaboration of two trios, a meeting between improvised music and dance.
Umiak & Triune Heart is an interaction of sounds, movement and light; In contrast to, in imitation of, in relation to, without regard to.... Spirits fight, join, bend, or yield. The inner debate meets the outer dialogue.

" A composition must make possible the freedom and dignity of the performer. It should allow both concentration and release. No sound or noise is preferable to any sound or noise. Listeners should be as free as players".
(Christian Wolff)