Entangled tales is a free solo improvisation, using pre-composed materials, ideas, motions or expressions. This material exists in continuous change and development. The voice of the oud serves as a sound source for “entangled tales”. Through various small objects, unusual tunings (scordatura) and extended techniques, the voice gets augmented, both in articulation and expression. By precise amplification and the use of multiple microphones, subtle and soft sounds are enhanced, increasing their importance and textural planes blend with fragmented melodic patterns and deconstructed time pulses.
The performance is narrative and as it proliferates, it resembles a rhizome. Any point of that rhizome can be connected to any other. The experience is thus non-hierarchical; it is a harmonised multiplicity that engenders offshoots. The rhizome works through variation, expansion, conquest, lines of articulation, lines of flight and flows of differing speeds.

entangled tales

christian moser: prepared oud, objects

free improvisation