spirited sketches

a solo oud album of 7 free improvisations
recorded in summer 2020 and released in january 2021
cover design by Christian Lichtenberg.

listen to more tracks on︎︎︎bandcamp

review by Nick Roseblade, vital weekly:

(...) ‘Spirited Sketches’ lives up to its name. Everything enclosed is a spirited sketch. ‘Yardang’ is the standout track on the album. The playing is free and liberating. There are sections when Moser is just grinding the strings, tapping the oud and generally making noises. It isn’t playing, but it is more than experimenting too. It reminds me that without experimentation there would be no real advancements in music, so it’s refreshing to hear someone just trying something new. Regardless of whether it works or not. There are sections on ‘Soil – Limitless Range’ where the scratching, bum notes and sliding are so captivating you are snapped out of it when Moser plays something conventional. In the background, there is a near-constant tinkering noise. Is it the sound of chains jangling in the background? Small bells attached to Moser that tinkle when he moves? Or noise bleeding in from somewhere around him? At first, they are distracting. With each chime, they take you our of Moser’s playing, but over time they start to add some texture to the oud. They give the songs a slightly Arabian vibe and transport you from your lounge/bedroom/office to somewhere more exotic. The real enjoyment of the album comes from hearing Moser working things out as he goes. “So if I try a thing, the oud will sound like this? Awesome” you can almost hear him thinking during ‘Angle of Repose’. Or any other track for that matter. It doesn’t actually matter what he plays. That isn’t where the fun comes from. It’s like when you go on holiday with friends. The best part of the holiday isn’t reaching your destination. It’s getting there. The same is true with ‘Spirited Sketches’. (NR)